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New Beginnings

We all have opportunities to start over. I sometimes view myself as a "change junkie" because I don't like to be held back by my own behaviors and fears. Unless I'm aware of something, I can't change it. I will continue behaving in old ways that keep me from fulfilling my dreams and goals or reaching happiness. However, once I'm aware of it what I do and how it hurts me, I begin to work, bit by bit, to understand and then take the steps to move in a new direction. I know that God is there to help me when I ask, and I am alway amazed at the people that appear in my life to help me along my way. I used to be afraid of change, because I didn't know what to expect after I did it. I have learned through many transitions, that my old self is limited in the perception of the possibilities. My new self, is open and eager and awestruck at the possibilities. Sometimes I am in wonder, much like a small child seeing a snowflake or a flower for the first time. The possibilities are endless and better than you can ever imaging. Be Daring!


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