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The Journey

In looking at the two l posts I have done since I started my website, I wonder what stops me from reaching out. What slows me down? What scares me about sharing the process? I’m human that’s for sure. In some areas I am always moving forward brave and confident. In other ways I drag my feet.

I love the ways that inner work and opening up has made my life richer. Today I am a different person from even 10 years ago. Happier, freer and more in touch with SPIRIT.

It seems like it takes so long to move forward. Then you get there and you say “what a journey”. A big part of the journey is about loving and respecting self and giving patience as you learn new ways of being yourself.

Learning new ways to be in your world is a process and it means you are on your way to change. Once you “know what you know” you can’t unlearn it. You can ignore but it will always be in the back of your mind poking at you

It is about the journey but also the destination. As reach our destination, and feel good about that, we are encouraged to start another journey.

Just know that you are right on time and where you need to be at the moment. If you quit judging your past, you are encouraged to move forward.

Self love and patience are key.


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